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  Case Studies
Comfort on Tap
Energy Saving Apartments
Historic Riverboat
Custom Home, High Ceilings
Oak Street Apartments
Mom Returns to New HVAC
Yurt Tent on School Grounds
Cape Code Combination
No Ductwork, No Problem
Cooling a Great Room
Cabin on a Lake
Old Tudor, New Technology
Whole House HVAC
Town Hall Overhaul
School Gets A+ for Savings
Rustic Home Addition
Perry Creek Townhomes

When Windows Fail
Quiet, Comfortable Church
A Cool Salon
Condo's in a Cold Climate
Keeping a Home's Aesthetic
Church Scheduling Demands
Floating Home Stays Warm
Raised Home on the Water
Year-Round Home Comfort
SEER, Sound and space
Comfort on Tap  Cooling a Great Room  Quiet, Comfortable Church 
Since the space was limited,
this restaurant needed something small, effective, efficient and economical. Working with an open minded engineer, Fujitsu was brought to the table as the perfect solution and made it possible to open for business.
The homeowner needed to
heat and cool the great room and tower room without having to replace both existing air conditioning units. Fujitsu
units blow cold air across the wide 34' expanse of the great room and cool the tower room in a matter of minutes.
Church staff has commented that the ease of use of Fujitsu system has been a huge benefit. Also, many parishioners have commented that they hardly noticed that the system was operating, other than the comfortable temperature and reduced humidity levels.
Energy Saving Apartments  Cabin on a Lake  A Cool Salon 
The building owner chose Fujitsu over conventional units because of the benefits of the installation without ductwork. The building owner is very happy about how quiet the
units are and the energy cost
on each apartment.
A screened in porch turned
into master bedroom and reading room were on a slab. The homeower wanted all the walls to be glass with no equipment visible or heard at all. The Fujitsu unit fits like a glove on the wall and cools
the room in a flash.
To satisfy the individual heating and cooling demands in 24 individual suites within a 3,300 square foot space with limited options for equipment locations, Fujitsu was brought in and now satisfies the hair dressers, managers and owners. 
Historic Riverboat  Old Tudor, New Technology  Condo's in a Cold Climate 
The Fujitsu system was installed without requiring a single cosmetic change to
the ship. The contractor's team received kudos from the board of directors and the ship's
crew not only about the job installation but the comfort
the equipment now delivers.
Despite it's modest size, the home was a gas guzzler and electric bills were increasing. Fujitsu's ductless systems
are rated for optimal efficiency and could accomodate the home's small spaces and
knee walls following roof angles.
Two towers include a total of
78 luxury condo's. Individual metering was the biggest consideration so that each condo would pay for thier own utility bill. Fujitsu mini-splits provided the most cost effective solution and could offer air conditioning as well as high efficiency heating.
Custom Home, High Ceilings  Whole House HVAC  Keeping a Home's Aesthetic 
The Fujitsu system far
exceeded the client's expectations with minimal invasion. Central air was not ideal for the client but a Fujitsu mini-split system fit perfectly. Fujitsu was the perfect choice due to the flexibility, zoning capability and compact size.
A green home builder
chooses Fujitsu products to
aid in thier green-build approach. Fujitsu systems
are ideal for heating and
cooling and are a great match for a green-build emphasis. They allow for the perfect climate control for any size space.
This Victorian style home was built in 1914. It was important to the homeowner to keep the plaster walls and ceiling intact. Fujitsu was able to keep the integrity of the home's aesthetics because all you can see are the grates from the units which pleased the homeowner to no end.
Oak Street Apartments  Town Hall Overhaul  Church Scheduling Demands 
Objective was to maintain the building's historical look and isolate the equipment to
prevent theft.  This was achieved by installing the majority of the outdoor units
up on the roof or indoors, in three seperate mechanical rooms in the basement.
After using Fujitsu  mini-splits
in homes and a flower shop, resident contractor decided
that Fujitsu would make a
good fit for City Hall. The previous winter had cleared
any of the doubt that Fujitsu systems would heat at minus zero temperatures.
Due to the different groups and their need for varous rooms at different days and times, the customer was looking for an air comfort solution that would be flexible enough to condition each room on scheduled demand. Fujitsu was chosen not only for it's zoning capability but job cost too.
Mom Returns to New HVAC  School Gets A+ for Savings  Floating Home Stays Warm 
Mother, Sue Preiss, was surprised with a home makeover upon her return
from serving in the military.
Her home is now cool and comfortable upstairs with Fujitsu units, even in the warmest weather.
The Fujitsu solution provided
air to air heat exchangers, dramatically improving the comfort level. It provided a
much quieter teaching environment and saved the school district $13,500 per
year in utility costs.
This floating home, a modified sailing vessel, had the constant daily conflict of being warm and dry. Fujitsu offered the perfect sized unit with 115v power and plenty of capacity to heat their space and the ability to dehumidfy when desired.
Yurt Tent on School Grounds  Rustic Home Addition  Raised Home on the Water 
The "Yurt" tent provides
outdoor space for students, even in winter months, by
using Fujitsu mini-splits.
Fujitsu floor mount models made the installation possible since there are no actual
walls to hang the unit on.
Eager to upgrade their home with green technology, and wanting to get rid of the oil furnace and ductwork
altogether while still utilizing modern, efficient heat pumps, the homeowners were impressed with Fujitsu's
many features.
This house on the water is on
top of pilings 11' off the ground, allowing for no ductwork underneath. Homeowners
didn't want to lose closet space nor did they want anything on the walls. Fujitsu ceiling cassettes were the perfect fit and very clean looking.
Cape Cod Combination  Perry Creek Townhomes  Year-Round Home Comfort 
Cape Cod home built in the 1950's was never designed
for ductwork. Contractor and homeowner decided on a combination of Fujitsu floor mount single zone units in
each bedroom along with versatile slim duct units to complete the home installation.
Fujitsu systems were chosen to meet the needs of the
design challenge: to save space, reduce energy consumption, eliminate ductwork, and also to provide adequate heat in a colder climate. Fujitsu met all needs!
Some parts of the home were too warm; other spaces were too cold. Plus heating costs were burning their bank account. These homeowners were delighted to learn that the price for a Fujitsu system came in at well below estimates for installing a traditional, central air system.
No Ductwork, No Problem When Windows Fail SEER, Sound and Space
This PA Contractor found his niche. Tired of installing conventional equipment, this contractor now specializes entirely in mini-split systems and they are replacing countless old systems in Central PA and installing equipment where no A/C existed to begin with. Juniata College's Shuster Hall is LEED accredited based on it's passive solar design and use of green technology. When the building's window parts failed, Fujitsu Mini-Splits were installed in order to implement sustainable technology and are providing even more benefits than initally anticipated. Chatham Pointe condo complex in NC chose to use 68 Fujitsu condensing on the roof and 145 evaporators throughout based primarily on Fujitsu's efficiency and eliminating outdoor noise. The ductless technology helped keep the ceilings higher than 13 feet in most places.
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