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The Fujitsu HVAC Solution Partnerships bring together a diverse group of manufacturers that provide various solutions to the ductless mini-split industry. Products that are produced by these foremost manufacturing companies include brackets, line-sets, condenser risers, condensate pumps, and low ambient kits and other accessories that enhance ductless mini-split products.

Fujitsu General America, Inc. works closely with each Partner to ensure that products provide end-user integration value, at the same time collaborating with them on various tradeshows, events, future product development, PR efforts, and collateral materials.  Please visit our HVAC Solution partners' web site by clicking on the logos below.

Northwest ENERGY STAR certified homes are built to meet energy efficient guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. They are better built and save homeowners money on your utility bills every month.

Dynamic provides indoor air quality products, training and solutions.

SlimDuct's PVC lineset covers and fittings
conceal and protect refrigerant linesets and
locking access port caps for outdoor
equipment with refrigerant circuits.

Sauermann manufactures mini-condensate removal pumps for the HVAC industry.

Hartell supplies quality pumps and
accessories to the HVAC industry.

Adsil provides protective treatments for your heating and a/c equipment.

Hart & Cooley produces HVAC products for commercial and residential applications.


JMF provides a broad product category, offering more than 12,000 products from among 18 product lines such as copper fittings, linesets and valves.

CPS supplies professional air conditioning
tools and equipment to the HVAC industry.

Tjernlund manufactures room to
room ventilators (transfer grilles).

EZ TRAP is the #1 manufacturer of
specialized condensate traps and overflow switches for the HVACR industry

CMC Howell Metal is a manufacturer of Line Sets, Mini Splits, ACR Refrigeration Tube, Refrigeration Coils, Types; L, M, K, and DWV (straight lengths and coils).

Mueller Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer
of ball valves, copper tube and fittings.

PDM US Corp manufacture GELCOPPER Mini-Split System Line Sets, which are double insulated copper pipes. 

Fantech manufactures innovative residential
and commercial ventilation products
designed to solve air movement problems.


Produces valves for all segments of the compressed gas industry including industrial, chlorine, life support, LPG and refrigeration.

REFCO is a supplier of HVAC Service Tools and Condensate Pumps manufactured specifically for Mini Split applications.

Manufacturers of SAFE-T-SWITCH® A/C overflow shut-off switch for mini-split systems.

Speedclean offers a Mini-Split Bib Kit that cleans mini split coils, fan blades and more without making a mess.

Makers of MINI SPLIT CLEANER & NEUTRALIZER, designed specifically for cleaning the evaporator coil and fan on mini split/ductless systems.

Makers of Ball Valves, engineered for HVAC/R applications.

 EZ-In™ cable makes mini-split installation easier and more efficient by eliminating the use of conduit or cable trays. It also saves you the hassles of running two wires through a junction box.

Manufacturers of HVAC nitrogen purging hybrid regulators.


"Whatever the job, We’ve Got a Cable for That, and all products qualify for Honeywell Contractor PRO™ points."

CADDY® PYRAMID rooftop supports are a surface mounted solution for supporting electrical and mechanical applications on a variety of roof surfaces.  
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