AIRSTAGE VRF Systems Control Systems & Controllers

For Individual Control

Wired Remote Controller (KAGAMI)


It provides the functions you need in a sleek design that uniquely transforms itself to blend with any interior.

  • Harmonizes with the Installation Space
  • Intuitive operation
  • Wireless remote controller functions
  • Check the operating status even when it is not in use
  • Screen with Anti-fingerprint Coating
  • Big Display
  • Room Temperature Display
  • Adopted Color LCD
  • Logo Display for Hotels
  • Limited Visibility of Settings for Hotels
  • Smartphone Application
  • Support Functions

Wired Remote Controller (Touch Panel)


Easy operation by high-definition large STN-LCD touch panel screen

  • Operation modes: Custom Auto / Cool / Dry / Fan / Heat
  • Touch Panel w/ backlit display
  • Room Air Temperature display
  • User-friendly control
  • Group & Individual Control: Up to 16 individual indoor units can be simultaneously controlled.
  • Human Sensor Setting: Controls the temperature setting to save energy costs when no one is occupying the room.
  • Fan Control for Energy Saving: Fan operates intermittently, and power is saved when set temperature is reached during cooling operation.
  • Auto-Off Timer Setting: Operation stops after the set time when the operation button starts indoor unit operation.
  • Weekly Timer Setting: A weekly operation schedule can be set. Two schedule patterns can be created, with up to 8 events per day.
  • Zone Temperature Offset: Manually adjust zone temperature reading to optimize comfort.

Wired Remote Controller


The room temperature can be controlled by detecting the temperature accurately from the built-in sensor.

  • Simple operation with Built-in Weekly / Daily Timer.
  • Control up to 16 indoor units.
  • Up to 2 wired remote controls can be connected to a single indoor unit.

Simple Remote Controller


Compact remote controller provides access to basic functions

  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Backlit display
  • Equipped with Remote control prohibition
  • Suitable for hotels, classrooms or offices as it is easily operated with no complex functions.

Simple Remote Controller


Compact remote controller provides access to basic functions

  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Backlit display
  • Equipped with Remote control prohibition
  • Suitable for hotels, classrooms or offices as it is easily operated with no complex functions.

Wireless Remote Controller


Simple and sophisticated operations with a choice of 4 daily timers

  • A single controller controls up to 16 indoor units.

IR Receiver Unit


Necessary to control all duct types by Wireless Remote Control

IR Receiver Unit


Cassette type indoor unit can be controlled

with Wireless Remote Controller

Wi-fi Interface Module





Ducted Units

Ceiling Mount

Floor/Ceiling Mount (Universal)

Wall Mounted

Airzone Dampers and Optional Zone Modules

  • Control and monitor up to 10 individual zones.
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum damper positions.
  • Control of optional auxiliary heat of the ducted, zoned unit.
  • Blueface Principal controller provides simple, single point temperature management of ALL zones!
  • Wired and wireless dampers available. Size ranges from 6” to 14” in diameter.
  • Flexible control up to 10 hyrdonic zones, as either primary or auxiliary heat.
  • Dry Contact Inputs from occupancy sensor and windows operation to open/close the damper.
  • Control and Monitor anywhere using Airzone cloud

For Centralized Control

Touch Panel Controller


High visibility and easy operation via high resolution 7.5 inch TFT-LCD touch panel screen

  • Controls up to 400 indoor units*
  • Provides Internet/LAN remote control and operation
  • Indoor units can be grouped for batch monitoring and setting
  • Schedules are programmable with up to 20 settings per day
  • Easy-to-understand Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Data can be transfered to USB for further analysis
  • Does not require a 4X4 electric box. Mounts flush to the wall.
  • Large-sized 7.5-inch no-glare TFT color touch screen
  • Selectable 2 display types (Icon / List) in monitoring mode
  • Supports 7 different-languages ,English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish.

Central Remote Controller


For small- and medium-sized buildings

  • Individual control and monitor of 100 indoor units and max. 50 groups
  • 7.0inch TFT color screen
  • High visibility and easy operation
  • Supports max.23 different languages
  • High visibility and easy operation - All settings are accessible from the main screen
  • Can be controlled remotely using tablet, etc. by the remote connection of wired LAN
  • Information of detailed error status
  • Monitor key sensor values for troubleshooting
  • Notification of room temperature outside the range through email
  • Auto scan when initial activation
  • Auto Off timer
  • Easy Installation.

Central Remote Controller


Central control of small- and medium-sized buildings and tenants. The operation status of all connected indoor units can be viewed at a glance on a large LCD monitor to simplify individual control to batched control.

  • Individual control and monitor of 100 indoor units
  • 5 inch TFT color screen
  • User friendly view and easy operation
  • External input / output contact
  • Detachable power supply unit
  • Corresponds to 7 different languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish)

System Controller


System Controller realizes the advanced integrated monitoring & control of VRF network system from small scale buildings to large scale buildings.

  • Up to a maximum of 4 VRF network systems, 1600 indoor units, and 400 outdoor units can be controlled.
  • In addition to air conditioning precision control function, central remote control, electricity charge calculation, schedule management, and energy saving functions are strengthened and building manager and owner needs are met.

System Controller Lite


System Controller Lite has standard functions sufficient for air conditioner management in small and medium scale buildings.

  • Controls up to a maximum of 1 VRF network system, 400 indoor units, and 100 outdoor
  • In addition to air conditioning precision control function, a variety of management software
    add-ons are available as options to give customers a wide range of choice.



  • Intuitive User Interface - Configuration and control software is custom-designed for Airstage systems. No experience with the Niagara platform is necessary. Users can easily check system status by glancing at the front panel LEDs to diagnose network issues.
  • Global Capacity Licensing and Upgrade Capability - The controller is purchased pre-licensed for 25 or 125 Airstage devices (indoor + outdoor units). Device license upgrades, in increments of 50, can be purchased in the future as your needs grow.
  • Modular Design For Easy Installation And Expansion – The LonWorks® module for Airstage connection is included. Up to 4 option modules directly attach to the controller for on board IO or additional communications ports, including types for LonWorks®, RS232 and RS485 networks. Controller and option modules are designed for easy mounting on a 35mm-wide DIN rail.
  • Global Power Compatibility - 24VAC or 24VDC power source. 120/24V power supply with adapter plugs included.
  • 5-year Software Maintenance Agreement Included – Your Niagara software is protected with free updates to the latest Niagara versions. No need to worry about security patches or compatibility with other Niagara devices.