Compatible with most Airstage, 2-wire and 3-wire single zone systems.


Airzone is an intelligent, communicating zoning system for Airstage ducted indoor units, featuring proportional,
modulating dampers and smart controllers. Additional ductless and ducted single zone systems may be integrated for total HVAC control.


All Airzone dampers and optional Zone Modules are connected by a 4-wire cable, for power and communication. Dampers are positioned to provide optimum airflow into a zone based upon demand monitored through zone controllers. The indoor unit fan is adjusted to meet the instantaneous sum of all calling zones.


Airzone VAF Wired Blueface Principal Controller White


Airzone VAF Control Board with Fujitsu UART Communication Region 2


Airzone VAF 8” Wired Intelligent Round Damper


Airzone VAF 8” Wireless Intelligent Round Damper


  • An Airzone system can provide optimum airflow into each zone, thus reducing excess equipment capacity.
  • Provides ideal temperature control of each zone in your home or office.
  • Built in communication gateways maximize Fujitsu Heat Pump inverter efficiency.
  • Integrate single zone systems with the ducted, modulating damper system.
  • Modulating dampers and proportional fan control eliminates the need for a bypass duct!
  • Flexibility of selection damper size and controllers individually for wide range of application.


  • Control and monitor up to 10 individual zones.
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum damper positions.
  • Control of optional auxiliary heat of the ducted, zoned unit.
  • Blueface Principal controller provides simple, single point temperature management of ALL zones!
  • Wired and wireless dampers available. Size ranges from 6” to 14” in diameter.
  • Flexible control up to 10 hyrdonic zones, as either primary or auxiliary heat.
  • Dry Contact Inputs from occupancy sensor and windows operation to open/close the damper.




Residential Application

Residential Application - Airzone VAF permits to apply an integrated zoning control for the whole house and combined with Radiant Heating elements and Electrical Auxiliary Heating.

Commercial Application

Commercial Application- Wide range of damper sizes both wired and wireless allows implementing into lite commercial projects easier.

intelligent round damper
Control board AZVAFR2FU2 Airzone VAF Control Board With Fujitsu Uart Communication Region 2
AZVAFR2FUJ Airzone VAF Control Board With Fujitsu 3-Wire Communication Region 2
Controllers AZVAFBLUEFACECB Airzone VAF Wired Blueface Principal Controller White
AZVAFTHINKCB Airzone VAF Wired Think Controller White
AZVAFTHINKRB Airzone VAF Wireless Think Controller White
AZVAFLITECB Airzone VAF Wired Lite Controller White
AZVAFLITERB Airzone VAF Wireless Lite Controller White
Zone modules AZVAFZMFU2C Airzone VAF Wired Zone Module With Uart Fujitsu Communication
AZVAFZMFUJC Airzone VAF Wired Zone Module With 3-Wire Fujitsu Communication
AZVAFZMFU2R Airzone VAF Wireless Zone Module With Uart Fujitsu Communication
AZVAFDAMPER06C Airzone VAF 6” Wired Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER08C Airzone VAF 8” Wired Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER10C Airzone VAF 10” Wired Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER12C Airzone VAF 12” Wired Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER14C Airzone VAF 14” Wired Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER06R Airzone VAF 6” Wireless Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER08R Airzone VAF 8” Wireless Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER10R Airzone VAF 10” Wireless Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER12R Airzone VAF 12” Wireless Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER14R Airzone VAF 14” Wireless Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFZMRADC Airzone VAF 10” Wireless Intelligent Round Damper
AZVAFDAMPER12R Airzone VAF Wired Only Radiant Zone Module
AZVAFZMRADR Airzone VAF Wireless Only Radiant Zone Module
Zone-supplemental heating AZVAF5OUTPUTS Airzone VAF Relay Radiant Heat Control Module
Accesories AZVAF10KPROBE Airzone VAF 10 Kohm Ntc Thermistor
AZVAFPOWER Airzone VAF Additional 12v Power Supply
AZX6WSPHUB Airzone Webserver Hub
Spare parts AZVAFDAMPERZMC Airzone VAF Spare Damper Wired Zone Module
AZVAFDAMPERZMR Airzone VAF Spare Damper Wireless Zone Module
AZVAFDAMPERACT Airzone VAF Spare Damper Actuator

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