RESIDENTIAL AIRSTAGE MINI-SPLIT TECHNOLOGY: Control your air conditioning system wherever you are.

Fujitsu General is driven to provide homeowners with heating and cooling systems that feature the latest innovations and technologies available on the market – ensuring optimal home comfort for your family and friends. Ductless comfort, air filtration systems, cutting-edge Inverters, and user-friendly controls, are just a few of the advantages offered by our systems that support our ongoing customer commitment. Rest assured that you will enjoy maximum energy-efficiency, customization, convenience, and air quality for many years to come

Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE Ductless Mini-split Systems offer a variety of technological features geared toward maximum comfort and unsurpassed energy efficiency. Features may include wireless remote control, ion deodorizing filters, sleep timer, 24-hour timer, dry mode, 4-way auto louver (for air flow direction) and auto mode. Fujitsu General's ESP (energy saving program) conserves energy even when users aren't paying attention, since motion sensors note when a room has been vacated. After 20 minutes, the set temperature is increased by 4°F when in cooling mode, and reduced by 8°F when heating. When the room is reoccupied, the ESP returns to the previously set operating mode.

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